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MagicCycling has been deeply involved in the bicycle industry for over 20 years and has a deep understanding of the two-wheel sector. In the selection of cooperative suppliers, we adhere to the principles of excellent product quality, competitive prices, influential brands, and excellent services. We provide the customer OEM one-stop integration services.



In the bicycle industry, there are many production links and complete varieties.

For example, after a bicycle manufacturer designs a frame,  it may be favored by manufacturers of other brands in some cases, and it is required to match the latter's frame. Brand name for production, or slightly modified design (such as painting, etc.) for production.



Therefore, ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) minimize your development time. There are two types of ODM cooperation between Magic Cycling and our customers:

① Buyout: The brand owner buys out the design of a certain model of our ready-made products, or the brand owner individually requests us to design a new product for themselves.

② Non-buyout: The brand owner does not buy out the design of a certain model of our product, and we can sell the design of the same model to other brands at the same time.

When these two or more brands share the same design, the main difference is in appearance.


Magiccycling as a manufacturing-based contractor, ODM is also able to provide a variety of design schemes with one condition. 
The products on the market are relatively homogeneous, and the market size of the target product, the level of technological maturity, and the popularity of standards all need to reach a certain level, and we have
such conditions.


In addition to providing manufacturing OEM services for cooperative customers, Magiccycling also provides multiple sets of design solutions for complete bikes or parts and components.



We have a professional design team, which has rich practical experience in engineering design and has undertaken a number of project designs for bicycles and related spare parts. For example, OBM: MAGICCYCLING bike, Granitic kids bicycle, bicycle repair stand, etc.

We have received good market feedback on appearance selection, production process, and small-batch trial production tests. Under the tight integration process, no matter the design assistance, component selection, system integration, etc., the customer's first engineering sample can be provided as soon as 7 working days.


We provide a complete range of product certificates (ISO 13849-1, EN 15194:2017, Machinery, EMC, RoHS, UL2271, FCC, etc.) to meet the requirements of different countries. With 100% quality management and equipment certification.



In the bicycle industry chain, the link where the bottleneck effect occurs will become the commanding height, and companies that seize this link will have special advantages and gain the highest profits. And we are seizing the opportunity.

The ODM service provided by Magiccycling covers the design process, and provides a variety of ready-made solutions by taking advantage of the bicycle field, which minimizes the time to market for customers' new products, lays a good foundation for target customers to seize the market, and helps customers achieve Maximize value.

The customized ODM service provided by us has complete technical support and a professional team.

We provide complete services from design, production, warranty, and maintenance to product life cycle management. In order to make your project go smoothly, we will work closely with you to understand your design needs and provide immediate technical support during the product development stage, reducing your development costs and investment.

Because of the consideration of manufacturing cost, transportation convenience, and saving development time. More and more customers are willing to cooperate with us for OEM or ODM business.


You are more than welcome to be our partner. 

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