Aluminum Plate Bike Water Bottle Holder

Bike Water Bottle Holder - Colorful, blue-black, black-red, red-gold, green-blue, and other colors can be customized; Lightweight and Strong Bicycle Bottle Cage, Great for Road and Mountain Bikes.
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Aluminum Plate Bike Water Bottle Cage

  • To Stay Hydrated on Your Rides - Quick and easy access to your bike water bottle when you need it. Great for road, mountain, hybrid, touring and e-bikes.
  • Secure And Sturdy Bottle Retention System- Ensures the bottle is securely held in place while riding, whether you are riding fast on the road or riding on rough trails. Fits most standard and oversized bicycle water bottles. It can accommodate slightly small larger-sized bicycle water bottles, such as a thermos.
  • Superior Durable Quality and Stunning Finish to Match Your Bike - Professional Factory Machined Aluminum Alloy, Heat Treated for a Strong and Lightweight Design. Powder sequin coated and high-gloss finish to match your shiny bike finish. Very easy to wipe and clean. The weight is only 42 grams.
  • Quick and Easy to Install - install on your bike frame in 60 seconds. Oval mounting holes allow fine-tuning of the position on the frame.
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