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MagicCycling is a treasury of the Cycling Industry. It started as a small online forum in 2002 by several cycling enthusiasts.20 years past´╝î now we have become a recognized high-quality service provider and reliable partner in the bicycle industry. We are leading a worldwide distribution network dedicated to emerging brands and B2B overseas business in the two-wheel sector.
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MagicCyclig- Your Faithfully Business Partner. Focus on the Bicycle Industry for over 20 years

TPU ultralight innertube is perfect for use with your road bike. Use it as your everyday tube with your clincher tires, or use it as an emergency tube if you’re running tubeless.

- 24g/35g to optional
- Suitable for 700Cx18-32C tires
- Compatible with rim or disc brake wheels
- 100% environmentally friendly recyclable material
- Reduced rolling resistance, bringing the best riding experience
- Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material
- Super light: 70% less weight than regular butyl rubber inner tubes, 50% less space in the pocket

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