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Dedicated to the emerging Chinese Cycling Brands 

MagicCycling as a trade intermediary between domestic enterprises and foreign customers, we are leading a worldwide distribution network, dedicated to emerging brands and B2B overseas

business in the two-wheel sector.



Provide the best services and a full range of cycling products.

Including Sales Channel Expansion, Advertising, and logistics.Warehousing, Certification, Local Services, etc.

To further enhance the awareness and that attract to more attention of our customers and dealers.

Chinese Brands " go overseas "


It‘s a trend of “Made in China” due to the Chinese quality and services are famous in the world.

Chinese Brand is more and more famous due to their good quality and competitive prices.

We would like to share the same excellent Chinese cycling products with you around the world.

We provide a series of related services such as product wholesale, distribution agency, and bike store channels, and have cooperated with more than 300 Chinese cycling brands.
We have set up a large warehouse with 3000 square meters in the Netherlands, providing the customer with one-stop solution services. No matter where your business is and your market, we could give you quick, efficient local services.
Expand your Brand in China


Brand marketing is also a special of our business. Our marketing team has extensive experience and will deeply make a market survey about your brand. It solves a series of problems such as difficulty in the introduction, unclear audience market, narrow sales channels, and low popularity when foreign brands are introduced into China in the early stage.



Then provide efficient and comprehensive marketing solutions for cycling brands. A series of your brand planning, like image packaging, and cooperated media and social network.
To further enhance awareness and attract more attention from Chinese customers and dealers.






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