GINE Gravel / Trail / XC Universal Clipless Pedal Material Bicycle Pedal

GINE is a professional bicycle parts brand. Provide all kinds of extremely durable parts and components for global cycling players. We are committed to becoming the first choice for advanced upgrading and modification of bicycles.
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GINE  Gravel / Trail / XC Universal Clipless Pedal Aluminum Alloy Material Bicycle Pedal

- Upgraded and thickened shaft diameter, more durable and stable. Widened pedal body for improved mechanical design for better pedal feel and more durability
- Very light Forging Aluminum body, very strong and wear-resistant, which can provide excellent grip and control. Open design helps to shed mud, Sealed cartridge axle system for reliability and simplified low maintenance.

Product Features:

* High-strength aluminum alloy material
* High-strength Cr-Mo Axle

* Taiwan NBK sealed bearings

* 800mm heavy hammer impact test

* -20 ℃ low-temperature test

* 100000 rotation test

* 48000/min grease lubrication sealed system

* Size : 86x64x31.5mm

                                                       CLIPLESS PEDALS

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