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About MagicCycling USA Branch

Entering 2024, Magiccycling continues its steady growth while expanding its global influence to meet the ever-increasing market demands and expectations. To better serve the global market, particularly the strategically significant United States, the company has strategically established a subsidiary in New York City, further solidifying its leadership position in the international market and committed to providing more convenient and professional service experiences to local and surrounding area clients.

Magiccycling USA specializes in the comprehensive wholesale distribution of bicycle products. We meticulously curate and supply a diverse range of offerings, encompassing complete bicycles, components, accessories, and gear, catering to the varied requirements of major bike shops across America. Concurrently, we provide robust support for the operations and representation of Chinese bicycle brands in the US market, fostering broader recognition and development for these brands within the American marketplace.

Beyond product promotion and sales, Magiccycling USA actively promotes deep cultural exchange between the cycling scenes in China and the United States. We strive to deliver exceptional product quality and attentive service experiences to American bike retailers, jointly driving the prosperous evolution of the cycling industry.

One-stop Wholesale Solution across the USA

Magiccycling USA offers a one-stop wholesale solution for bicycles, parts, and accessories to bike shops across the United States.

Broad Bicycle Product Range

Offering an extensive variety of bicycles, from road, mountain, and electric, to kids' bikes, ensuring a perfect match for diverse customer demographics. Additionally, we provide a full line of premium bicycle components and essential accessories like electric pumps, bike lights, and bike bags, ensuring retailers can stock a complete range of cycling necessities.

Inventory Optimization
We provide data-driven insights and analysis, such as sales trend analysis and seasonal demand projections, to help retailers optimize inventory levels and turnover rates. 

Efficient Logistics
Leveraging our robust logistics network, we ensure prompt and cost-effective delivery of orders nationwide, handling everything from warehouse consolidation to secure transport and doorstep delivery.

Comprehensive After-sales Support
Magiccycling USA provides full aftermarket support, including assistance with warranty claims, access to technical resources, and coordination with manufacturers for repairs or replacements. We also offer product training sessions for retail staff to enhance their knowledge and customer service.

Marketing & Sales Support
Magiccycling USA assists retailers in boosting sales and brand visibility through marketing and sales support. This includes high-res product imagery for digital platforms, participation in co-branded campaigns, and guidance on in-store displays that boost product appeal and customer engagement.

1-to-1 Sales Representative
Each retailer is assigned a personal account manager as a single point of contact for queries, concerns, and updates. This personalized service ensures prompt issue resolution, effective communication about new products, and promotions, and continuous alignment of inventory strategies with evolving market conditions.


How to order online?
Our online ordering service only serves bicycle shops in the United States currently
If you are a retailer in other countries, please contact a sales representative

Member Registration

1. Register on our website as a member, providing detailed information such as your store name, complete mailing address (including street, city, province, and postal code), phone number, and primary product types or lists you deal in or purchase.

2. Upon approval, the system will automatically grant you access to view wholesale prices, allowing you to browse goods at wholesale prices.

Product Selection
Once certified as a member, you can browse and select desired products within the platform according to your needs.

Filling Out Order & Delivery Information
On the checkout page, you must provide a detailed shipping address, recipient's name, contact details, and precise location, to ensure accurate delivery to the designated destination.

After confirming that the order amount is correct, select the payment method to pay.

Order Submission
Upon successful payment, customers click "Place Your Order" to submit the final order. 

We will complete the order processing within 1-3 working days. After shipment, the logistics tracking number will be uploaded for your inquiry.

After-sales service

When you receive the package, you‘d better promptly check whether the packaging is intact and whether the goods are correct. If you encounter missing items, damaged items, or wrong items shipped, please contact your customer service team as soon as possible to provide relevant evidence and initiate the return, exchange, or compensation process.

Questions and support
Throughout the order execution process, if you have any questions about your order status, payment status, or any other aspect, please contact a sales specialist.


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