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MagicCycling offers world-class technology products engineered to each customer's unique needs. With its extensive resources and expertise, MagicCycling can supply simple turnkey solutions based on standard products or high-end customized solutions that satisfy stringent requirements.


Our account management team ensures that each client is satisfied with the quality and performance of MagicCycling's technologies.


The OEM Service of MagicCycling E-Bike delivers innovative features powered by an efficient and reliable ERP system, which has proven performance and advanced functionality that lower procurement and operations costs in the OEM business. MagicCycling's software and hardware customization abilities enable customers to satisfy very specific requirements in electric bikes. 


Supply Chain Service




Motor / Battery/Control panel / Electronic Controller. 



Frame       快客 银三环

 Fork      信隆 

Wheelset    狐赛  诺飞客

Crankset   浩盟  

Freewheel   日晖

 Headset       志庆

Transmission system禧玛诺 速联 

Saddle        益钵通三云

Handlebar     信隆

Chain       桂盟雅邦

Handlebar Grip      Rafale

Tire           朝阳轮胎   马牌    倍耐力

Pedal     丰德fpd.  维格

Brake      彦豪

Cable        江阴华江



Light        英豪 迈极炫  

Reflector     赛特莱特

Bottle Cage  驼福

Travel Rack    黑岩

Fender          东诚塑料   金鹿链罩

Security Lock    金锏


Packaging / Instruction Manual / Materials. 



Service Content


We have a senior and professional design team to help customers design custom products. The appearance, packaging, and other visual results are created in a comprehensive way, giving the product a reasonable shape and functional characteristics.




According to customer requirements on appearance, product structure, project budget and development time priority, etc. We quickly assess the cost of mold opening and save 50% testing time as soon as possible, saving customers time and effort.




We have a professional procurement team, through the level and determining selection to ensure that more than 300 cooperative suppliers have a strong quality assurance system and equipment that meet the productions of diversified customer expectations and requirements in the cycling industry.




Based on the advantages of the bicycle industry supply chain in South China, we can provide customers with more than 90% of the procurement and production needs of bicycle industry chain products in a range of 200 kilometers around. We can arrive directly at the factory site within 3 hours to carry out the coupling work.



Quality Inspection

We provide customers with a strict quality control system. Before delivery, we must verify whether the product meets quality standards and submit an inspection report (AQL) that contains quality measurement data, compliance, safety, labeling, and packaging indicators to meet the different quality requirements of each product category for different countries.




·EU market Test Standard: EN 15194:2017 / Evaluation of Functional Safety of Electric Bicycle Components: ISO 13849-1/CE directives include: Machinery, EMC. RoHS / Battery related directive requirements IEC 62133.EN50604 / WEEE REACH chemical test / CE certificate / TÜV Mark certificate

·US and Canadian market Test Standard: CPSC 16CFR 1512 / Complete bike: UL 2849 / Battery: UL2271 / FCC Wireless Communication Certification




Our professional foreign trade team solves the delivery and follow-up matters such as international transportation, customs declaration, and document delivery for each customer, ensuring that the entire export order is carried out in an orderly manner.




Service  Advantages

Comparison of two options for producing an E-Bike






Service Platform


GBI Global Bicycle Industry Supply Chain Platform


The Global Bicycle Industry Supply Chain Platform (GBI)is positioned as a two-wheel cycling network in China, bringing together all types of bicycle supply chain resources in China, and has established close cooperative relationships with more than 300 manufacturers. Overseas customers can retrieve domestic supply chain resources through the GBI platform, and solve a series of supply chain service problems such as supply chain procurement. Provide Product Proofing/OEM/ODM/Inspection/Logistics as well as strategic cooperation services such as overseas brand incubation, to create a global bicycle industry chain ecosystem and bring Chinese manufacturing to “Go Global”.




Service System



Service Standard

We have a set of best-practice principles for policies and procedures services. Solve a whole problem for our customers.



Quality Standard

We strictly practice and monitor quality control in every process of production, strictly implemented in accordance with industry standards.



Service Guarantee

1-year warranty service and quick response within 7x12h. We ensure every product is genuine and support inspections.



Add-on Service

Free subscription to the latest industry information and price trends of raw materials. Freely provide a basic set promotion service for your brand marketing.



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