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MagicCycling has been deeply involved in the bicycle industry for over 20 years and has a deep understanding of the two-wheel sector. In the selection of cooperative suppliers,

we adhere to the principles of excellent product quality, competitive prices, influential brands, and excellent services. We provide the customer OEM one-stop integration services.

Nowadays, more and more people are aware of the importance of brands. Only by establishing a good brand image among consumers can they win the support of

more marketing channel partners, and can make products more marketable through joint efforts with channel partners.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the construction of the brand image and marketing channels. Make full use of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) method to push mature products or products with production advantages of other enterprises into their own marketing channels, and use their advantages in value-added services to win a wider range of consumers.





As a one-stop supply chain expert, Magic Cycling empowers upstream factories to "sell good products" and helps overseas customers "find good products",

which greatly improves the efficiency of the circulation process. We have our own R&D team and the ability to innovate in design to help target customers find market positioning,

design and develop products with market value, capture the attention of customers, and have further cooperation among our users.

Currently, regarding the OEM cooperation model, most purchasers provide the brand and authorization, and then we produce products affixed with that brand.



Meets the needs of rapid technological development

The bicycle industry is updated and iterated rapidly, and the competitive strategy of enterprises is changing from a production-oriented mode centered on expanding the production scale

and reducing production costs to a market-oriented operation mode centered on focusing on the application of new technologies and rapidly launching new products.

Enterprises can also adjust the scale of production in a timely manner according to changes in the market situation to reduce production costs.



Provides customers with complete solutions

The bicycle industry has a fine division of labor, and it is impossible for users to judge the applicability of their products based on the technical content of the products.

What they need is a full range of solutions-based services. Based on its own proprietary technology, Magiccycling integrates other products produced by OEMs,

so as to provide customers with solutions suitable for their own needs, which not only promotes the development of the company's own technology,

strengthens the influence of its own brand, but also makes Customers get more comprehensive, timely, and thoughtful services from comprehensive solutions.



Adapts to the need to create novel competitive advantages

Magiccyling cooperated with customers through the OEM method, ensuring the integrity of intellectual property rights, so as to avoid disputes or waste of resources caused by repeated development, and promote the market influence of a certain technology, making it new industry standards, making disorderly competition relatively orderly.

Magic Cycling is committed to promoting the development of the global two-wheel industry and plays an important role in promoting the upgrading of China's two-wheel industry chain. We have become a reliable supply chain platform that is recognized by our partners.

We will continue to enrich the product categories of the two rounds, improve the technical platform, and improve the service system in the future.


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