Overseas Distribution Recruit

                            Overseas Distribution Recruit 

As living standards improve, Chinese consumers are turning to international brands. As consumers pay more attention to consumption quality than price, this is an opportunity for many international bicycle brands to expand the Chinese market. However, the process of an overseas brand entering China is difficult. However, it is complicated, and the operation of multinational management brands in China is not simple, such as manpower allocation, resource docking, sales channels, brand marketing, and other factors, which discourage them. They urgently need to find an excellent partner to help them open up the Chinese market.

Why Choose MagicCycling?

- Professional Marketing Planning 

- Precise Marketing Promotion 

- Diverse Sales Methods 

- Broad Sales Channels


Cooperation Mode:

- China Sole Agent

- Jointly build a brand, develop the CN market, and share the benefits

- The overall exclusive operation of the brand

- Omni sales and broad sales channels


Refinement of Product Operation:

- Deeply participate in product sales planning, and optimize the whole process of brand operation

- Marketing Research: Carefully make the sales strategy

- Systematize product and brand operation marketing, and plan related events to expand brand influence


How do we serve you?

Professional team

 - 20 years experience in the bicycle industry · Senior cycling enthusiasts · Mature marketing team

 - Comprehensive coverage of the brand operation, marketing planning, and channel sales talents

 - Deeply know the CN market, better understand customers attention and smoothly handle

 - 300+ successful cases


Refinement of product operation

 - Deeply participate in the product sales planning and optimize the whole brand & product operation process

 - Conduct market research and carefully make a product portfolio sales strategy

 - Systematize product and brand operations, and plan events to expand brand influence

Systematic sales system

- Price: Formulate the most reasonable sales price strategy according to the product positioning at different stages


- Policy: Develop a series of leading, motivating sales strategies to promote sales


- Add-ons: Dig deep into customer needs, provide the expected solutions, and generate value-added sales


- Commitment: A series of brand and product commitments are formed in response to user pain points to increase sales


Broad Sales Channels (Online/Offline)

- E-Commerce Retail Platform:

Through the public domain e-commerce sales platform and private domain traffic sales platform, it directly targets 30 million+ end, consumer users. (Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, MagicCycling Mall)


- Multi Marketing Promotion Channel

 Multi Marketing Promotion Channel: Including self-owned sales channels, self-owned content platforms, top platform resources, offline event planning & execution, etc

- KOL/KOC: Integrate the resources of well-known leading KOL / KOC in the cycling circle, improving brand influence and sales


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