SUGEK 11 Speed Freewheel Cassette Sprocket Bicycle Freewheel Replacement

Provides fast driving speed with less effort.Installation of a flywheel makes daily driving easier and allows us to drive faster and have a better experience than traditional single-speed bikes,Reliable to use, applicable to mountain bike freewheel.
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SUGEK 11-Speed Freewheel Cassette Sprocket Bicycle Features:

11-speed mountain bike freewheel 11-50T/11-52T/ 11-46T nickel

- Color maximum black aluminum gears + red aluminum bracket, Nickel Plated, Golden/Rainbow Color

- Size: 11-50T, Sprocket 

- Material: Steel + A7075 Largest Sprocket Alloy 

- Spider Lock King: Steel / Alloy
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