BONZA Big Wheel Group Consignment Case Hard Shell Bicycle Loading Case Highway Car Dead Flying Mountain Bike Loading Package

Mountain bikes with 26"to 29" wheels can fit into the Bike Box 2. All tyres should be deflated before packing into the case, this will also help when packing larger wheels.
Small mountain bikes will fit with the forks on.
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Mountain Bike Big Wheel Group Consignment Box 


  • With many great features the Bike Box 2 is one of the safest and most stylish solutions for transporting your bike
  • HDPE anti impact material
  • Stronger lockable catches
  • Internal Velcro retention straps
  • High quality foam protective padding
  • High gloss anti-abrasion finish
  • Bonza developed anti crush technology with 2 support struts
  • Easy glide high quality wheels
  • Fits all makes and sizes of bikes (excluding tandems)
  • Fits most wheel sizes from 26 inch to a 29r and all road wheels
  • Stylish design in a range of colours
  • Weight 12.0kg. (+/- 5%)
  • Dimensions 124 x 94 x 34 cm

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