EIRA Trendy Bicycle Urban Commuting Retro Steel Frame Bicycle Single-speed Road Bike

Create stylish, personalized, comfortable and beautiful bicycles, and become a carrier for young people who pursue fashion, quality and individuality to express themselves and share their lives.
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EIRA is derived from a beautiful Nordic word meaning "snow".
This means purity, tenacity, and strength
We believe these qualities are at the heart of every great ride and strive to incorporate them into every bike we create
We focus on designing exquisite, fashionable, and characterful cycling items, paying tribute to the classics while embracing innovation in the
modern world, encouraging young people to explore the world on two wheels and drive the future with love.
Our goal is to make every ride on an EIRA bike an unforgettable journey that transcends time and space, reconnecting our users with the
adventurous spirit of generations of cyclists.


Why Choose a Steel Frame Bicycle?

Steel-frame bicycles are known for their excellent durability, stability, shock absorption and comfortable riding feel, and have extremely high requirements
for manufacturing processes and quality control.
After a century of evolution and innovation, steel frame bicycles not only carry rich cycling culture and historical connotations but also demonstrate unique
taste and personality, becoming a unique choice for cycling enthusiasts.
EIRA  combines classic steel frame technology with modern innovative materials to provide a modern technological riding experience while
arousing people's attention to traditional cycling culture.
EIRA pay tribute to the past and move towards the future!

EIRA product concept

Evoke                        Awakening visual and emotional resonance
Innovative                 Create modern and forward-looking novel features
Radiant                     Give personality charm, confidence, and vitality
Airy                           Pursue the feeling of freedom and comfort while riding

Behind every EIRA is a dedication to quality.
Every beautiful moment of riding is worth persevering without compromise.

While selecting materials and accessories for this EIRA, we visited hundreds of suppliers. We compared hundreds of component materials to design a unique and ideal
bicycle and wrote a joyful cycling poem. If the existing accessories are not up to standard, they will be specially customized. It’s a constant struggle and draining, but it's worth it.

More details

Beautifully painted

Choose environmentally friendly, non-toxic water-based paint that meets EU standards, use DISK electrostatic spraying technology, and apply automotive-grade 5-layer spraying (2 layers of paint, 3 layers of gold oil). Each layer of spraying must enter a baking room at 120-130°C. Bake for 25 minutes, then sand with 600-grit fine sandpaper to increase the adhesion and leveling of the frame paint. After thousands of times of polishing, it has achieved a rounded tube shape and a silky smooth shine. You can even look down at the starry sky when you lower your head.

High-strength 4130 chromium-molybdenum steel

4130 chromium-molybdenum steel with good toughness and high strength is carefully selected, and the TIG welding process is used to outline the tough beauty of the steel with delicate manual welding. The ED anti-rust treatment process is used inside the pipe to inject lasting vitality into the frame. The combination of modern craftsmanship and traditional aesthetics gives the frame a youthfulness that will never fade.

High-quality leather

The handlebars and seat cushions are important parts of the bicycle that are in close contact with the body, so they are specially made of exquisite retro leather materials, which are lightweight, soft, waterproof, and moisture-proof, with excellent strength and skin-friendliness. We also asked VELO from Taiwan to design the EIRA bicycle. The overall tonality of the cushions is specially made, with big-name quality and reliability.


Beautiful artworks make the world more beautiful

The design team carefully selected the colors that best fit the EIRA brand character from thousands of color tubes, and after hundreds of brainstorming sessions, finally formed the current unique design plan. We are not just designing bicycles, we are creating a feast of art.


Frameset 4130 chromium molybdenum steel4130
Crankset 6061-T6 aviation-grade aluminum alloy
Flywheel Single speed 18T
Chain KMC EPT anti-rust chain
Brake High-polished aluminum alloy C brake
Hub Lightweight bearing hub
Rims Double-layer reinforced high-polished aluminum alloy
Spokes High steel cushioning round spokes
Tire Zhengxin CST advanced city tires
handlebar 9° high polished aluminum alloy 580mm
Grip EIRA customized leather double-sided locking
Seat post High-polished aluminum alloy 27.2mm
Saddle VELO customized leather
Pedal GINE FOREST aluminum alloy
Wire tube JAGWIRE line pipe group
Wheel size 700C
Color Pigeon blue/Masson green
Net weight 9.2KG
Packing size(cm) 171*16.5*99.5



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