GRANITIC 12- Inch Kid's Balance Bike for 2-6 Years Old

SSP pumping technology UHSA high strength aluminum composite lightweight design. Your child can ride on the weekends and enjoy the scenery. You can also exercise your child's balance while playing, and accompany your child's growth.
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About Granitic
What is childhood?

Childhood is happy with friends,

Childhood is the smile of parents,

Childhood is blue sky, green trees,

Childhood is a bicycle!

Do young parents remember what was the best childhood gift they got? Remember what your first bike was like? Who taught you to ride a bike?

Granitic sports stroller comes from the deepest love and expectation for children!

In 2002, several young people who love cycling gathered together because of their common hobbies and started a two-wheeled entrepreneurial journey, hoping
to make more people understand and love cycling. After many years, they have their own family. They hope that the next generation will also love cycling and
outdoor sports, and hope that their children's life experiences and vision will continue to grow and enrich through outdoor sports.

As a result, the youth cycling brand "Granitic" was born, which originated from the deepest love and expectation for children of a generation who loves cycling.
It is a gift for children that can accompany the whole childhood, and start children's lifelong love of sports.

Professional · Responsible · Reliable · Rigorous
Fully consider the characteristics of children's continuous development, bring children a comfortable and stable riding experience, and care for children's healthy
growth. Let the children fall in love at first sight and enjoy the fun of riding.

Granitic Concept
Granitic aims to inspire children's love of life on two wheels. Focus on the innovation of professional cycling products for teenagers and children, and bring a
happy childhood and a healthy future for every child.

Granitic Vision
We love riding, yearn for nature, pursue better quality, more beautiful designs, more interesting and safe riding experiences, and accompany more children to grow
up happily and healthily. We want to help parents properly guide their children to fall in love with cycling. Let the kids love it!

OEM/ODM One-Stop Integration Solution Service

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Design Service


We have professional designers to offer you the complete bike design. You can launch your own bikes! The minimum order and delivery can be negotiated.

Granitic 12IN Features

Ultra Lightweight Aviation Grade 6061 Aluminum Alloy Body

It is made of aviation-grade 6061 lightweight aluminum alloy material, it is
sturdy and durable, lighter in weight, and light and effortless to ride.

Comfortable Riding Experience
The seat cushion is made of custom leather, which is breathable and fit; the wheelset adopts aluminum alloy rims and bearing hubs, which are light in weight and low in rolling resistance.

Bearing bowl group

Double and smooth like butter


Silicone handle sleeve shock absorption and skid resistance

Made of black kid-friendly rubber for a firm grip, comfort, and safety.


Rich Color Choices

Give children a colorful childhood!


Size Reference

Age: 2-5 years old

Height: 85-110 CM

Sitting height: 29 - 42 CM



Frame: Granitic 12-inch Aluminium #6061

Fork: Granitic 12-inch Aluminium #6061


Control System

Handlebar: Granitic Aluminum alloy-360MM

Grip cover: Black rubber TPR-22.2*100 MM for children

Cushion: Granitic custom leather cushion

Seat tube: Granitic aluminum alloy-25.4*180mm

Seatpost Clamp: Granitic Aluminum alloy


Bearing wheelset

Wheels: Granitic Alloy Wheels

Front Hub: Granitic Bearing Hub

Rear Hub: Granitic Bearing Hub

Tire: CST



Headset: Granitic Bearing three-piece set 44*30 MM

Gasket: Granitic Bearing Gasket-8*10 MM



Net Weight: 2.8 KG (With the pedals)

Gross Weight: 6.5 KG

Packing size: 87x39x50 CM

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