Classic retro steel frame bike EIRA Flexi: " Elegant and agile urban dancer "

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Update time : 2023-11-28 16:10:22
EIRA is derived from a beautiful Nordic word, which literally means "snow", implying purity, tenacity and strength.

A group of cycling enthusiasts united by a shared passion for the timeless elegance and performance of steel-framed bicycles. With the desire to inspire a new generation of riders, they embarked on a mission to create a brand that would redefine the cycling experience, and EIRA was born.

EIRA focuses on designing exquisite, fashionable, and characterful cycling products, paying tribute to the classics while embracing innovation in the modern world, encouraging young people to explore the world on two wheels and drive the future with love.


EIRA hopes that every product will be as elegant and agile as "snow". We also believe that these qualities of purity, tenacity, and strength are at the core of every great ride, and strive to integrate them into every bicycle we create.

It is a bicycle and a partner for exploring life.
With this mission and pursuit, EIRA’s first retro steel frame Flexi is officially launched.


Steel has a long history as a bicycle tubing material, dating back to the 1980s. Looking around the world, the first road bicycles that appeared on the racing scene were steel-framed bicycles. For some groups, steel-framed bicycles are the youth of the older generation and the deepest memory of the last century for the younger generation. A well-crafted steel frame bike is still the dream of many people then and now.

The reason why so many people still have a soft spot for the steel frame is probably because it perfectly combines the two characteristics of a comfortable riding experience and a simple appearance.

KKK04236 1.jpg

Even though new materials with their own advantages such as aluminum alloys, carbon fiber, and titanium alloys later appeared, and the production of steel-framed bicycles gradually shrank, we cannot deny the excellent riding experience of steel-framed bicycles. No one will ever assert that "steel-framed bicycles have disappeared." ". Especially in recent years, the application of new lightweight steel materials has enabled high-end steel frames to have extremely competitive weights.

Steel-frame bicycles are known for their excellent durability, stability, shock absorption and comfortable riding feel, and have extremely high requirements for manufacturing processes and quality control. After a hundred years of evolution and innovation, steel-frame bicycles carry a rich cycling culture and historical connotations.


The simple and smooth lines of EIRA Flexi are classic and elegant, just like a fashion item. The smart and free riding experience makes people feel light and free, walking through the city like an elegant dancer.

EIRA Flexi hopes to make every ride an unforgettable journey that transcends time and space, reconnecting our users with the adventurous spirit of generations of cyclists.


Tribute to the classics
EIRA Flexi combines classic steel frame technology with modern innovative materials to provide a modern technological riding experience and arouse people's attention to traditional cycling culture.


EIRA Flexi selects environmentally friendly, non-toxic water-based paint that meets EU standards, uses DISK electrostatic spraying technology, and applies automotive-grade 5-layer spraying (2 layers of paint, 3 layers of gold oil). Each layer of spraying must be baked at 120-130°C. Bake in the oven for 25 minutes, then sand with 600-grit fine sandpaper to increase the adhesion and leveling of the frame paint.


After thousands of times of polishing, it has achieved a rounded tube shape and a silky smooth shine. You will feel that Eira's coating is as beautiful as the starry sky.

The beauty of steel lasts forever
EIRA Flexi carefully selects 4130 chromium-molybdenum steel with good toughness and high strength, adopts TIG welding process, and uses delicate manual welding to outline the tough beauty of steel. The ED anti-rust treatment process is used inside the pipe to inject lasting vitality into the frame.


The combination of modern craftsmanship and traditional aesthetics gives the steel- frame a youthfulness that will never fade.


The handlebars and seat cushions are important parts of the bicycle that are in close contact with the body, so EIRA Flexi specially chooses exquisite retro leather materials, which are lightweight, soft, waterproof, moisture-proof, with excellent strength and skin-friendliness, and asked Taiwan's VELO to design EIRA The overall tonality of the bicycle is specially made with a seat cushion, which is of high quality and reliable.

Exquisite works of art make the world more beautiful
The design team carefully selected the colors that best fit the EIRA brand character from thousands of color tubes, and after hundreds of brainstorming sessions, finally formed the current unique design plan.


Every moment of wonderful riding comes from persistence in quality.
In the process of selecting materials and accessories, EIRA Flexi visited hundreds of suppliers and compared hundreds of component materials in order to design a unique and ideal bicycle and write a joyful cycling poem. If the existing accessories are not up to standard, they will be specially customized.


▲4130 chromolybdenum steel frame, light and strong, weighing only 9.2KG and can be carried with one hand

▲High polished aluminum alloy parts


▲Retro C-type brake, classic and playful


▲KMC fully protected EPT chain, special anti-rust technology


▲Zhengxin CST high-end city tires, mesh puncture-proof, light and flexible


▲Extremely resistant GINE pedals, high-strength one-piece molding


▲5-layer automotive grade spray coating, silky smooth

This time, the riding style interpreted by EIRA Flexi is an integration with the bicycle and a dialogue with the road.

On a bicycle, in the city, feel the call of the wind across time and space.


Ride Eira and become a "dancer" of the city.
Every rise and fall of the pedal, every graceful turn, is a unique performance.
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