E-bike makes riding more enjoyable!

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Author : Magiccycling
Update time : 2024-03-13 16:47:55

If you love cycling, you must have owned many bicycles over the years. For example, you may have ridden XC, Brompton, road bikes, gravel, etc., and these have brought you a unique riding experience, right? But you have experienced the hardships of long distances and the despair of being unable to reach the top. At this moment, you will think about how great it would be if you were riding an E-bike!

Nowadays, many cycling enthusiasts prefer the former model in life to enjoy the fun of speeding around the city. Even when they go to explore around the city on weekends, they prefer a relaxed and happy ride. In recent years, electric-assisted bicycles, which have become increasingly popular around the world, are undoubtedly another option for us cycling enthusiasts.

Urban riding has high-precision requirements for torque sensors, while mountain and off-road riding has strong and stable requirements for power output. The combination of the electric power assist system, the output of the motor power, and the coordination of the human and vehicle integration are all a test of the vehicle's performance. For many people, the variety of electric-assisted bicycles on the market makes it difficult to choose. Therefore, as a cycling brand based on urban travel, BICYC E-bike is our best choice. Next, let’s take a look at the best-selling models:

1. BICYC CITY.Air electric-assisted city road bike

·Frame: aluminum alloy
·Wheel diameter size: 700C
·Motor type: MIVICE MO80 high torque hub motor
·Rated power: 350W
·Sensing device: torque sensor
·Control instrument: sine wave/3 assist modes
·Battery type: Samsung 21700 lithium-ion battery
·Battery capacity: 360Wh
·Rated voltage: 36V
·Mile range: about 80km
·Top speed: 25km/h
·Brake system: hydraulic disc brake
·Weight: about 18kg