Tour of DaGu 2023

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Tour of DaGu 2023

Tour of DaGu
 has a mileage of 33 kilometers and a total of two days. The starting altitude is 2,400 meters above sea level and the end altitude is 3,600 meters. The entire race is a hill climb race. There are 23 participating teams and 300 participants join this competition. The cyclists are all composed of professional teams, continental teams, and clubs, coming from more than 30 provinces across the country.

The E-Bike team is a huge highlight of this event. The cyclists do not take your own bikes, which provides more choices for cyclists who are worried about not being able to adapt to high-altitude riding.

As one of the organizers, Bicyc E-Bike, attracted the attention of many players and tourists even before the race started. After the test ride, everyone exclaimed "It's a good ride"! Some contestants even wanted to adjust the group on the spot and experience the ease and joy of electric-assisted hill climbing. Unfortunately, the organizers provided limited vehicles this time, so they could only wait for the next experience with regret.

Amid everyone's expectations, the Tour of DaGu Cycling Carnival officially begins! The first stage is to cross the "Nipple Ditch", and there is a long uphill section from the start.

Although the overall altitude of Dagu Glacier is not high, since it is a hill-climbing race, the altitude climbed to 3000+ soon after the start of the race, which was already too much for some contestants. After all, it was the first time for most of the participants to ride in high-altitude areas, which is a great challenge to physical strength and perseverance.

At this time, e-bike shows its advantages. Bicyc e-bike, equipped with advanced non-contact torque sensing technology, can sense pedaling intentions in real-time and achieve Millisecond-level torque response, and natural and smooth starting power, riding has never been easier, and players can happily enjoy the picturesque track.

Bicyc City.Air was adjusted based on a large amount of complex road condition test data and its own core algorithm. These are all in order to achieve a stable, efficient, smooth riding experience, and the wind is extremely durable.

The contestants all said they felt so comfortable! Climbing hills are like flat roads, so there is no need to worry about the pressure of plateau riding, and precise assist does not affect the riding experience

The next day was still a hill climb race, and the players who were familiar with the original machine began to increase their intensity and flexibly adjust their power. You can see how unforgettable this riding experience was from the smile that never disappeared during the whole process.

We see you next year!



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