Magiccycling & Porsche test drive event was successfully held!

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Magiccycling & Porsche test drive event was successfully held!
On November 5th, the "2 of a kind, Heroes Are Heroes" test drive event jointly sponsored by Magiccycling & Porsche China Owners Club came to a successful conclusion at Guangzhou International Bio Island Xianglan Hotel! More than 60 people, including Porsche Club members and cycling enthusiasts, came to participate in the test drive event. In the golden autumn season in Guangzhou, they experienced the unbridled driving and riding fun brought by four wheels and two wheels!
This event is jointly organized by the Porsche China Owners Club and Magiccycling. On-site test drives of Porsche's latest Cayenne and Panamera vehicles, Specialized top road bikes such as S-Works Roubaix, BICYC E-Bike, IREFOX Gravel Bike, Dahon folding bikes, and Eira city bikes and Granitic kid's bikes. Experience the different fun brought by various models at the same time, there will always be one that suits you best!


The appearance of the new Porsche Cayenne is like the vitality and rhythm of sports, full of vitality, complementing Porsche's excellent craftsmanship, showing the surging vitality of sports.


At noon on the day of the event, participants began to sign in and clock in early.


▲Sign in and receive the lottery number plate




▲The test-riding bikes are all in place


▲Test riding bikes provided by Specialized


The event has not yet started, but everyone has already begun to learn about the bikes they are interested in. This Turbo is the only electric-assisted bicycle brought by Lightning. There are many test-riding E-bike in this event, and many people said it was their first time contacting them. This kind of E-bike is surprisingly easy to ride.


▲The IREFOX road bikes and Eria city bikes have distinctive styles.


▲Ready to go



▲Host Jason introduces the test ride bikes for this event



▲Before the ride starts, the team leader will lead everyone in warm-up exercises


▲According to the height and age of the children who signed up for this event, Granitic brought 4 different sizes of bike models


▲Bicyc also brings four E-bike models including City. Air, City.Life, Gravel.Air, and Cross.AM, covering almost all riding scenarios, including models that have not yet been released to the market.


After learning about E-bike, everyone is very interested in this relaxing but powerful pedaling experience.


▲The experience brought by each bike is very different




▲The temperature was suitable that afternoon, with crisp autumn air and a gentle breeze.

▲Every height can choose a bike that suits them

▲Porsche test drive vehicles also set off at the same time


The short-distance category will go around Guangzhou Biological Island for a week, focusing on trial riding and experience. Biological Island is located in the southeastern end of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, on an island in the middle of the river along the development zone of the Pearl River's back channel. The whole island has fresh air and a good ecological environment. It has a 6 km cycling and running trail around the island and is a major sports resort in Guangzhou.


Many people couldn't understand E-bike before they tried it out. After the test ride, they were all surprised by the experience of integrating the person and the bike into one. They didn't feel tired after a lap, but also lost the fun of riding, whether it was for a weekend outing. It is very suitable for traveling or daily commuting.



▲Many test riders hope to choose a bikes that suits their riding style during this event.


▲ Go cycling, play sports, and inspire children’s love for two-wheeled life outdoors



There was still some time before the draw, and participants who returned early began to inquire about the bikes they were interested in or seized the opportunity to test-ride other models.


▲The scenery is so beautiful, of course, I continued to take pictures


▲The gift given by Mr. Zhou, General Manager of Magicycling


I hope more people can learn about cycling through such activities and make cycling a way of life. See you at the next event!
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