General Trend of the Bicycle Industry

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General Trend of the Bicycle Industry

We live in an era of rapid development, and everything around us is changing rapidly, and the bicycle industry is no exception. Although the epidemic sweeping the world has slowed down the changes in new products, technologies, and trends, many bicycle companies still show vigorous and tenacious development momentum has been shown, and the innovation cycle of product technology has been continuously shortened.

This article will indicate the future development direction of the bicycle industry market based on the Investigation of the Bicycle Industry Survey of 2023.

Emphasized environmental protection and sustainable materials

As for the materials, the whole bicycles, spare parts, and equipment haven’t undergone much change and are still based on carbon fiber, Aluminum alloy, Titanium alloy, Steel, Plastic, and other basic materials.


However, in the process of production, it will generate a large amount of waste of resources and environmental pollution. Therefore, many brands are exploring new materials in terms of green environmental protection and sustainability, and have begun to research and apply low-waste, recyclable materials. Environmentally friendly materials and processes with properties such as degradation. Although it has high requirements to achieve true sustainability, from manufacturing, production, transportation, packaging, maintenance, and recycling, most brands still have a long way to go.


3D printing has more application scenarios and is closer to us

One of the most popular advantages of 3D printing technology is the ability to add additional structures in the hollow position of the original material. Thereby improving strength and optimizing weight by using shape design.


However, after years of development, the application scenarios of 3D printing technology in the field of bicycles are becoming more and more extensive.


From the initial engineering demonstration of the design process to high-end personal customization to the production equipment, we can touch every day, whether it is a frame, crankset, stopwatch bracket, guide wheel, helmet, lock shoes, 3D printing technology It is getting closer and closer to our cycling life.

Bicycles are building virtual worlds

Cycling as an outdoor sport is often limited by weather conditions, so indoor cycling and riding platforms have emerged. With the development of power training and scientific sports concepts, the concept of indoor cycling has been further expanded. Through the combination of hardware and software and the use of virtual technology, users can experience the globally interconnected training and competition process. Virtual technology can even help practitioners complete bicycle product design.

Through smart riding platforms, smart stopwatches, smart hardware, and other equipment, users can generate easy-to-read data during the riding process.

With the help of mobile terminal programs, the exercise ability, exercise performance, and exercise effect can be formed into a visual data table, so that Help users or coaches, Fitters, nutritionists, etc. to collect, quantify, view, and analyze personal indicators.

Rethinking the definition of bicycle type

With the addition of electric power assist systems or other new scientific and technological achievements, the classification of bicycle models may no longer rely solely on the attributes and configurations of the traditional physical level but depends on the use. The more uses a bicycle has, the more users can get. much joy. Relying on actual use, rather than being limited to traditional definitions, is also the inevitable result of the current market segmentation becoming more and more refined. This is a segmented market that “meets a very specific demand” and the market demand is a more comprehensive and complex contradiction.

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