MagicCycling Unveils a Host of New Brands and Products at 2024 China Cycle

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Update time : 2024-05-10 13:25:34
MagicCycling Unveils a Host of New Brands and Products at 2024 China Cycle

At the 32nd China Cycle in 2024, MagicCycling proudly presents an impressive array of bicycles at booth W1-0742, showcasing a diverse lineup under esteemed brands such as BICYC E-bike, I
REFOX Bike, LANGTU Folding BIke, GRANITIC kids bike, EIRA City bike, WIEL Wheelset, GINE Pedal, JIISO E-pump, and American Classic Tire. Our exhibit spans multiple categories including road bikes engineered for speed, robust mountain bikes for off-road adventures, convenient folding bikes for urban commuters, and cutting-edge electric bicycles that blend technology with eco-friendly commuting. This comprehensive showcase has garnered significant attention from industry professionals and cycling enthusiasts alike, highlighting MagicCycling's commitment to innovation, quality, and meeting the varied needs of riders worldwide. The fair stands as a testament to the vibrant and evolving landscape of cycling culture, where MagicCycling is thrilled to play a pivotal role in shaping its future.

Join us now as we embark on a journey through this bicycle extravaganza, immersing ourselves in the captivating allure of green mobility presented by MagicCycling. Prepare to be enthralled by the seamless fusion of innovation, design, and sustainability that defines each product on display. From the sleek lines of their performance-driven road bikes to the rugged agility of their mountain bikes, every cycle whispers tales of adventure and environmental consciousness.


edicated to the vision of innovative electric-assisted two-wheel transportation, BICYC arrives this year with two of its highly sought-after models stealing the spotlight.


-The CITY·Air E-bike, meticulously crafted for urban commuting, embodies elegance and sophistication in its minimalist design, complemented by robust power delivery. Its exceptional build quality and striking aesthetics have garnered a devoted following, particularly among young riders who not only appreciate its performance but also love to recommend it for its style quotient.


The CITY·Life E-bike, a leisure-oriented electric-assist bicycle, seamlessly integrates fashion-forward design, exceptional performance, and smart technology, pushing the boundaries of minimalistic beauty. It transforms the hurried pace of city living with newfound ease and enjoyment, infusing daily routines with a sense of pleasure and practicality that redefines urban mobility.


Both models epitomize BICYC's commitment to creating sustainable transport solutions that not only enhance personal mobility but also resonate with modern lifestyles, making them more than just vehicles – they are lifestyle companions for those who seek to navigate the urban jungle with style, comfort, and efficiency. BICYC invites you to experience the future of city riding, where technology meets aesthetics, and every journey becomes an expression of personal flair and environmental responsibility.

IREFOX-Road Bike

IREFOX, the new domestic cycling brand tailored for the avid upgrader, focuses on advancing the riding experience through meticulous research and development of road bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, and other specialized sports models. With a diverse range of complete bicycles, IREFOX is committed to offering enthusiasts the ultimate choice for elevated riding, empowering every cyclist's progression and pursuit of passion on two wheels.

LANGTU Folding Bike

This year, the iconic folding bike brand LANGTU joins forces with Magiccycling for a fresh start, unveiling three groundbreaking foldable bike models featuring the industry-first "3D Integrated Forging Technology" patented folding mechanism, setting a new benchmark in design innovation.


-The G16, with its 16-inch frame crafted from lightweight 4130 chromoly steel, boasts a three-step folding process for unparalleled convenience. Its versatility makes it perfect for leisure, commuting, or weekend getaways, all in one sleek package.

-The H20, equipped with 20-inch aluminum alloy disc brakes and an SRAM 8-speed drivetrain, marries form and function seamlessly. Its trendy, dynamic appearance complements its superior ride quality, making it a top contender in the $2000 price bracket.

-The G20 also utilizes a high-grade 4130 chromoly steel frame. Tailored for urban exploration, it handles various city terrains with ease. A foreign attendee at the event was thoroughly impressed after a test ride, singing praises for its performance and handling.

EIRA City Bike

EIRA City Bike specializes in designing exquisite, fashionable, and stylish cycling products. It participated in the exhibition for the first time this year and brought to everyone the elegant and smart retro steel frame bike-Flexi. EIRA Flexi carefully selects well-known brand accessories, available in two main colors: dove blue and ponytail green. The appearance is simple, fresh, and extremely modern, and it also brings a light and free-riding experience.

GRANTIC Kid's Bike

MagicCycling booth presents a variety of Granitic Kids bikes, covering multiple sizes from 12 inches to 24 inches. They come standard with high-quality wheels, handlebars, and other spare parts. Customized leather seat cushions are breathable and fit, with outstanding appearance and rich colors. It can meet the riding needs of children of different ages and heights, allowing children to enjoy riding more quickly and effortlessly.


GINE Pedals

GINE, an expert brand of bicycle parts, focuses on providing professional bicycle parts that are precise, durable, and reliable to meet cyclists' pursuit of speed, flexibility, and safety.

JIISO Mini Electric Pump

The hot-selling JIISO mini electric pump POCKET series is available in three colors: black, white, and blue. It is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry so that cyclists do not need to carry a large pump to carry a heavy load.

WIEL Wheelset

WIEL, a wheel brand passionate about cycling, pursues the perfect combination of extreme lightness and rigidity and is committed to providing reliable bicycle wheel upgrade solutions for advanced cyclists. Currently, WIEL's best-selling carbon fiber wheels include Remex carbon spokes and Nebula steel spokes, mainly for disc brake models. Rim brake carbon wheels will be available soon, so stay tuned.

MagicCycling booth continues to buzz with extraordinary enthusiasm, drawing in both domestic and international professional visitors who express keen interest in the products showcased. The continuous stream of attendees eagerly engages with the exhibits, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. Amidst the relentless flow of visitors, the MagicCycling team, though constantly engaged, maintains an unwavering level of professionalism, ensuring each guest receives attentive and knowledgeable service, reflecting MagicCycling commitment to excellence in every interaction.

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