When Should You Replace the Clips

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When Should You Replace the Clips

Maintain the clips to keep the pedal system in good condition. The presence of clips allows your shoes to be connected to the pedals. But over time, under stressful use, they start to wear out and interfere with proper functioning. Let's take a look at when to replace your clips to keep your pedal system performing at its best.


How do you know when to change your clips?

If you're used to riding in your shoes, several factors determine how long they last. These factors include mileage, riding conditions, and how often you wear your shoes. As the cleat wears and loses material, its connection to the pedals degrades, making locking difficult, and in some cases, a worn cleat can also lead to unintentional release while pedaling. Of course, accidental loosening is not necessarily caused by excessive wear of the clips. Usually, simply adjusting the spring mechanism of the pedals can solve the problem, or tightening the clips can also solve the problem. If the problem still exists after these measures are implemented, then It's time to replace your clips.


When should I replace my road clips?

Here's how you can tell when to replace your clips. To ensure the best performance of your road bike clips, be sure to replace the clips before they become excessively worn.

1. There is a wear indicator mark, and when the wear mark disappears, the cleat should be replaced. For example, Shimano SPD-SL, LOOK KEO lock piece, and Time's ICLIC road lock.


When should I replace my mountain bike clips?

Mountain bike clips are usually much smaller than road clips and don't have wear marks. They are mostly metal and sit mostly in recesses in the shoe, unlike many road clips which are usually made of plastic. Common designs for mountain bike clips are Shimano SPD, Crankbrothers, and HT, and they all have very similar standards when it comes to measuring wear. Since there is no specific wear mark on the mountain bike clips, it is mainly based on human perception of changes in interaction with the pedals when locked in or out, as well as changes in floating and movement after locking in. In appearance, too much wear can round their edges. If you replace your clips in time before they wear out, you can enjoy the best performance from your mountain bike clips.


Replace clips

When you need to replace your clips, your main energy and focus should be on repositioning the clips. You should also check the spring tension on your pedals as new clips may feel different and the pedals may need to be adjusted accordingly. You can click the below links to find more bike pedals or contact us directly.

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