GINE Bike Clipless is Hot in Sale!

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Update time : 2023-06-09 13:24:55
GINE Bike Clipless is Hot in Sale!

GINE universal clipless pedal with aluminum alloy material, applicable for Gravel / Trail / XC.

From entry to advanced, cycling enthusiasts will go through a locking process. Pedal locking is one of the shortcuts to improve pedaling performance. 

GINE, an expert bike part brand, continues to provide durable and reliable professional accessories with a wide range of categories for riders. GINE is highly resistant to the launch of the mountain bike pedal series - Crust.

Crust is a professional and advanced bicycle clipless pedal. The high-quality aluminum alloy body is made of CNC technology, which is durable. Simple design, double-face lock, self-locking system compatible with SPD system, suitable for gravel exploration, XC mountain off-road, mountain racing, and other riding environments.

Product Features:
* High-strength aluminum alloy material
* High-strength Cr-Mo Axle
* Taiwan NBK sealed bearings
* 800mm heavy hammer impact test
* -20 ℃ low-temperature test
* 100000 rotation test
* 48000/min grease lubrication sealed system
* Size : 86x64x31.5mm

Crust pedals are available in gold and silver chrome molybdenum steel axles, which provide better durability and pedaling rigidity to meet riders' individual needs. The stable and smooth Taiwan NBK bearing and sealing system is used inside, which is not afraid of dust, mud, and other harsh mountain and off-road environments, continuously and stably bringing high-efficiency output.

The Crust mountain bike pedal has an optimized bayonet structure, the locking and unlocking angle of the pedal is smoother, and the feedback is clear. The stable pedaling effect helps the rider build confidence in overcoming bumps. Crust has excellent mud drainage and stability.

The adjustable spring tension adjustment screw provides sufficient steel spring tension, and the simple and practical quick adjustment setting makes it easier for advanced riders to lock.

GINE is extremely focused on continuous innovation and optimization for cycling products and provides high-quality spare parts products that riders can trust. We are now sincerely recruiting agents, kindly CONTACT US for information.
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