Gine pedals, give you a better experience!

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GINE Pedals give you a better experience.

A good pair of pedals can bring a more pleasant riding experience, allowing you to keep pedaling lightly and stably in any road condition.

GINE focuses on the research and development of high-quality and with exquisite and fashionable appearance and exquisite workmanship. GINE pedals bring an excellent user experience and have received a lot of praise since it was launched.

Customers Feedback
This XC pedal riding performance is very good, much better than other domestic brands. It locks quickly and unlocks quickly, and it is impeccable even when starting to lock in complex road conditions. And it's so versatile, I can even use it on my road bike! ——Qiu Shui Xian Zi, Beijing Road Bike/Mountain Bike/Climbing Bike Cyclist.

 The weight of this flat pedal is very good. The large tread surface and the layout design of the pedals allow the pedals to grip the feet quite well, and there will be no phenomenon of foot slipping when riding on the mountain. The price-performance ratio of the lock pedal is also very high, the workmanship is exquisite, and it is compatible with the spd system. It is convenient to change the bike when riding with a small partner. " ——Wang Xiaoban, Bicycle Enthusiast, Mountain Bike Player, also has certain experience and understanding of road bikes and city bikes; mountain bike content creator, opinion expresser, and video producer.

 Great experience! It performed well in the Bailu original mud test in Xi'an, and it is as stable as ever when doing big movements such as flying bags under harsh and humid conditions. The hollow and lightweight design is only 380 grams, and the super-large foot wrap is as stable as a rock, and it is the light of domestic production.  ——Sun Xiaofeng, a senior MTB cyclist, started to get in touch with mountain bikes in 1999, participated in XCC, Enduro, and Dh events more than 30 times from 1999 to 2021, and was a road builder for mountain races (Forest roads, Downhill tracks, Pump tracks, Parks, etc.), the Founder of "China Downhill Alliance", Mountain event  Planning/Organization/Referee, Mountain Teaching Lecturer.

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