GINE Bike Pedals

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GINE Bike Pedals

GINE, an expert bicycle accessories brand, immediately launched three high-strength aluminum alloy pedals: Lava / Forest / Peak Series. Each of its products has undergone repeated research and development and testing to ensure that it has sufficient performance and quality.


Originating from GINE’s endless pursuit of higher quality, the pedals made of composite nylon materials were launched shortly thereafter. Because of their guaranteed strength, they are not easily deformed, are durable, lightweight, and have various colors. It can be used for commuting or enduro, and it has a high-cost performance. Recently, GINE has launched mountain bike lock pedals, which are more stable and advanced.


Today we will overview the characteristics of the three kinds of pedals so that we can give some suggestions to you when you choose bike pedals.


Meanwhile, we are also recruiting global distribution agents, you are more than welcome to become our dealers.


- Aluminum Alloy Material Bike Pedals

The aluminum alloy material is divided into three series: Lava /Forest /Peak


- Lava Series

 Suitable for many daily scenes. It has a simple shape and a tread size of 103*98mm. It is wide enough for the scenes that the basic model can handle, such as CITY, ENDURO, and TRAIL, and it is very stable to step on.


- Forest Series

Compared with Lava, Forest is applicable to more and more advanced scenarios. In addition to CITY, ENDURO, and TRAIL, it is also suitable for DOWNHILL. Therefore, Forest has two more anti-skid studs than Lava's one-sided design, which ensures safety in the downhill scene, can prevent the soles from slipping, and will not step on the ground under strong bumps and vigorous acceleration of the bike.


- Peak Series

Peak is also suitable for CITY, ENDURO, and TRAIL, but it is more advanced than the basic version of Lava. The 104*120mm widened and enlarged tread size is matched with 8 anti-skid studs on one side, which is more suitable for Riders with aggressive riding styles. Bright and bold design, bright colors with stylish stripes, give people an eye-catching effect, 6 rich color options can be used as mood accessories.


- Nylon Composite Material Bike Pedals

The nylon composite material is divided into two series: Art /Rock


- Art Series

It is a very compact pedal with a specification of 103*94*19mm and an extremely light weight of only 292g. It is very suitable for CITY. No violation. Although Art focuses on lightness and compactness, it is equipped with 6 anti-skid studs on each side and anti-skid lines on both ends. The super-strong shaft design of Molybdenum steel, even for ENDURO, DOWNHILL  and TRAIL, and other intensity roads can also be easily dealt with.

- Rock Series

ROCK mainly focuses on the "super-large" pedal surface and the "ultra-stable" 8 cleats on one side. The 112*108*24mm super-large pedal surface is the largest one among GINE's extremely durable aluminum alloy materials and composite materials, but its weight is relatively low, only 320g, although it has a certain increase in weight compared to Art, it is still much lighter than the aluminum alloy series. This pedal is suitable for almost any type of road surface, including CITY, ENDURO, DOWNHILL and TRAIL, etc., even if you play in the mud on rainy days, it will not slip.


- Clipless Bike Pedals

The pedals are available in the Crust series, with gold and silver axle options, suitable for advanced people (Best for combining race-day performance with everyday durability))

Lockout pedals prevent the rider's feet from slipping, and at high cadences or sprints, as well as riding in the wet or off-road, the Crus can give you the ultimate riding experience.

GINE cares about the needs of users, takes users as the core, adheres to the ultimate and dedicated attitude, always pursues continuous innovation and optimization, develops and manufactures bicycle parts with truly strict standards, and continuously improves the user's riding experience.

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