GINE Bike Aluminum Alloy Bike Pedals : Makes riding better

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GINE Bike Aluminum Alloy Bike Pedals: Makes a better riding 

GINE is a professional bicycle parts brand, providing durable and reliable bicycle parts products for global cyclists, and is committed to becoming the first choice for the replacement, refitting, and upgrading of bicycle parts.



GINE has promised users three strict "musts":

 Must go through strict quality inspection. Excellence, precision manufacturing, durability, and reliability.

 Must follow high-value design standards. From extreme simplicity to sleek cool, every part should have a strong personality and meet the modern aesthetic.

— Must be easy to maintain. It is a worry-free choice for rugged and reliable.


Today will introduce the three series of products: Lava, Forest, and Peak.


The Lava is a pedal for everyday scenarios such as CITY, ENDURO, and TRAIL.


The design is simple and elegant, sturdy and durable. The design of 6 anti-skid studs on one side keeps the weight to the lightest under the condition of ensuring performance.

1. High-strength Aluminum alloy pedal

2. High-strength Cr-Mo Axle

3. 6 Anti-skid nails on each side / (Peak / Forest  Series with 8 pcs Anti-skid)

4. Taiwan NBK sealed bearing

5. 48000/min Seal Test

6. - 20℃ Low Temperature Test

7. 800 mm Hammer Test

Forest is applicable to more and more advanced scenarios than Lava. In addition to CITY, ENDURO, and TRAIL, it is also suitable for DOWNHILL. Therefore, there are two more anti-skid studs than the one-sided design of Lava to ensure safety in the downhill scene.



Peak is applicable to the same scenarios as Lava, and is also suitable for CITY, ENDURO, and TRAIL, but it has a brighter and bolder design. The bright colors and stylish stripes bring an eye-catching look to the whole bicycle—one bright effect. The design of 8 anti-skid studs on one side is the same as that of Forest, which can firmly hold the sole of the shoe even on bumpy roads such as forest roads, bringing sufficient security for riding.



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