Ontrack TPU Inner Tube is Coming!

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Ontrack TPU Inner Tube is Coming!

Domestically produced TPU inner tubes have sprung up in the past two years,
and the price is trending to a civilian price. Many cyclists have already used them. And this year, it may be that the emergence of new domestic TPU products has given consumers more choices. 

Ontrack was founded in 2009 and is committed to providing reliable tires for every rider. It is also the first brand to release a new TPU inner tube this year. This article will introduce two versions: Ontrack-Race (standard version) and Race Pro (ultra-light version).

The main color of Ontrack is bright orange, and with a cotton box package, which is friendly to the environment, with product parameters printed on it. There are two kinds of valve lengths, 65mm, and 85mm. Compared with ordinary butyl rubber inner tubes, the biggest advantage of TPU inner tubes is lightweight. 

The standard version of Ontrack Race inner tubes weighs about 35 grams, which is suitable for most riders who want to try something new.

The Ontrack Race Pro inner tube
is with a more ingenious design. The feather pattern represents the ultimate ultra-light version, weighing only about 24g.


TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane elastic material. The inner tube made of TPU is not only light in weight and has a good road feel but also has a certain degree of puncture protection. At the same time, Ontrack’s TPU inner tube has heat resistance, so riders who ride rim brake road bikes can rest assured use.

Ontrack's TPU inner tube is made of the latest 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable material from BASF in Germany. The elongation rate of the inner tube is 30% higher than that of other TPU inner tubes, which further improves the scratch resistance, friction resistance, and puncture resistance of the inner tube.

The durability of this inner tube is good, and it has a certain anti-scratch and anti-puncture ability for small sharp objects, which can reduce the chance of tire blowouts during daily riding.

Plastic valves and detachable metal valve cores are a common combination in TPU inner tubes. By adjusting the internal design of the valve stem, Ontrack is more consistent with the valve core, and its airtightness is better than other similar products.

Ontrack has made an R-angle design on the rubber of the inner tube valve pad, which can effectively reduce the tire tube blowout caused by the friction between the tire tube and the rubber pad, making the air tightness of the inner tube more reliable. The inner tube can be inflated until it slightly bugles for the first installation, but excessive inflating may cause the TPU inner tube to stretch or become partially bulged, so it is recommended to use an air pump to control the air intake manually.

Compared with ordinary inner tubes, TPU inner tubes have lower rolling resistance and feel close to tubeless tires. Regarding air tightness, the Ontrack brand guarantees that each finished tire has passed the inflation parking test before leaving the factory to ensure the air retention performance of each tire.

At present, domestic TPU inner tubes are highly competitive. Generally speaking, the road TPU inner tubes brought by Ontrack this time perform well in all aspects. If you are still using traditional butyl rubber inner tubes, these two TPU inner tubes are very worth buying. CONTACT US for a free quote and import to your bike store now!

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